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Benefits of Composite Railroad Ties

Your rail infrastructure is a major investment in your business, if you're ready to improve and expand your rail, Atlas ties can help. Our plastic composite railroad ties are superior to other materials and will last longer and be easier to maintain, with added strength, durability and safety.

Long Lasting
Our 100% recycled plastic railroad ties have a typical life span of over 50 years*. Atlas ties pay for themselves the first time you defer an installation, due to the labor and materials you save.

Low Cost
Atlas ties are made of extremely tough, cross-linked plastic materials that none of our competitors are equipped to handle. Because there is no competition for this superior product, our initial cost is lower than other railroad tie manufacturers. Therefore, our customers get a superior product at a lower price than our competitors can offer.

100% Recycled Plastics
Atlas ties are made from tons of landfill-bound plastics. We intercept these plastics, which are non-biodegradable and recycle them into useful, echo friendly products. This process not only removes tons of plastic from landfills, but it also reduces the amount of new plastic being produced.

Performance in Wet and Humid Climates
In wet or humid situations, wooden railroad ties are at their worst, but Atlas composite ties really shine. Wood is natural and biodegradable, exposure to water breaks the fibers down even faster. Our composite plastic ties are impervious to moisture and last up to four times longer.

No harmful Chemicals
As mentioned before, wooden ties rot and decompose when exposed to the elements. In order to prevent that, wood ties are treated with creosote to protect against bugs, water and rot. Sadly, creosote is a carcinogenic, harmful to the environment, animals and humans, in fact, it's banned in many countries because it can cause cancer. Atlas' composite ties don't leach anything into the environment, and are completely benign to plants, animals and people.

If you are not ready to replace your entire existing track with composite railroad ties, it is possible to intersperse our ties alongside wooden railroad ties. Our products are the same size and shape as standard wood ties and can be installed with the same equipment and process you currently use.

Atlas ties are extremely versatile and can enhance your Class I, commuter and industrial lines.

Calculating your Savings
There are a few things that go into the overall cost of various railroad ties, the calculator on our home page will help you see your potential savings.

*Based on accelerated weathering by University of Illinois.

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