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Composite Railroad Ties Vs. Wood Railroad Ties

Please view this infographic we made to explain some of the main differences and benefits of using a composite railroad tie vs a traditional wood railroad tie.

IntegriCo’s All Plastic
AREMA Standards
Appearance Matte Black n/a
Dimensions (in X in X in) 7 X 9 X (102 or 108) 7 X 9 X (102 or 108)
Weight (lbs) 250-270 185-320
Surface Hardness (lb/.25'ind) 5,500 n/a
Density (lbs/ft3) 68-70 n/a
Modulus of Elasticity, MOE(psi) 240,000 170,000
Modules of Rupture, MOR(psi) 2,700 2000
Compressive MOE(psi) 38,000 n/a
Rail Seat Compression (psi) 2,300 900
Spike Insertion (lbs) 6,800 n/a
Spike Pullout (lbs) 3,200 1,900
Screw Spike Pullout (lbs) 16,500 n/a
Spike Lateral Resistance (lbs) 2,500 n/a
CTE (in/in/F) 7×10-5 7.5×10-5
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