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Atlas composite railroad ties are beneficial in all major rail tie applications. They hold up under the extreme loading conditions of class I heavy axle loads, as well as caustic environments like industrial chemical processing plants, mining and many other industrial applications. Here are some of the key benefits:

Class I

  • Spike retention is excellent, with high compressive strength (see install):
  • Longer life expectancy than traditional rail ties, even in harsh environments
  • Not susceptible to insect infestation
  • Resistant fungus and mildew
  • Impedes high electric currents
  • Durable against rail plate cutting
  • Fits your existing installation equipment and can be interspersed with wooden ties.


  • Vibration and noise reduction
  • Needs less maintenance and treatment (especially beneficial in tunnels and elevated tracks)
  • Does not conduct electricity


  • Resists damage and corrosion in caustic environments
  • Lasts longer with less maintenance, reducing the number of interruptions to your operation
  • Excellent gauge retention for the entire life of the tie


  • Withstands damage from harsh or caustic materials be shipped to and from the mining site
  • Longer lifespan reduces the number of interruptions to maintain or replace damaged ties
  • Built to last up to 50 years, even underground in wet environments

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