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The Next Generation of Composite Railroad Ties is Here

Nothing moves freight over land better than trains and freight transportation is expected to double by 2035. With all of these railroads crisscrossing the globe, there are a lot of rotting, chemically treated, wooden railroad ties decomposing into the environment. Wooden railroad ties wear out quickly and require constant maintenance and frequent replacement, up until now this has been a necessary evil of railroad industry, but no more.

At Atlas Ties, we’re committed to bringing the railroad industry into the future, a future we hope will be greener and healthier for us and the environment. Our composite railroad ties, or composite sleepers are made of 100% recycled materials, keeping tons of plastic out of our landfills.

With our patented processing technology and our unique technique, we make composite railroad products that exceed industry standards and outperform the wood, concrete and our competitor’s composite ties. Most importantly, our railroad ties outlast the competition, with an expected 50+ year lifespan and a 10 year warranty, you won’t find a better product anywhere.

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Why Composite Ties?


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COMPOSITE wood concrete

Cost per mile over 50 years. Values are based on accelerated weathering by University of Illinois with data collected from various sources including RTA and Class 1 railroad companies.